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The Eastern Desert of Egypt; miles and miles of unexplored virgin mountains and wadis. This expanse of rocks , sand and occasional vegetation has witnessed over the centuries the rise and fall of many ancient civilizations, each leaving its imprints on the land.

Red Sea Desert Adventures are now offering you the opportunity of the unique experience to visit the Eastern Desert.
We offer archeological tours to old emerald and gold mines, the ruins of villages and water stations along caravan routes, as well as nature tours to scenic places such as sheer granite cliffs, lunar landscapes to experience star studded night skies or the peacefulness of sunset in the desert.
Red Sea Desert Adventures is managed by Mohamed Fadlallah and Thomas Krakhofer. Mohamed Fadlallah belongs to the Ababda tribe that lives in the area and off course knows the land and its people thoroughly. Thomas is Austrian and has lifelong travel experience in Africa, South America and Arab countries. Working together with Mohamed, he gained a thorough knowledge of the Eastern Desert. Between them they speak Arabic, German, English and Spanish.

The duration of the trips ranges from a long weekend to 2 weeks and can be done either by car, camel or hiking, starting from Marsa Alam, 270 km south of Hurghada on the Red Sea.

We organize safaris by camel, hiking or car on request. The following is a description of our tours done over the season from October to March. 

Our safaris require a minimum amount of 5 participants. In general we provide everything needed for the tour like food, water, tents etc. on the roadThe only things you should bring by yourself are your sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

Beside the programs we offer there is the possibility of combining tours. For example 4 days walking and 2 days camel riding. Also the amount of days can be adjusted to your ideas.

For booking, prices, or any additional information  please contact us by e-mail. Reservations should be received minimum 1 month before the desired departure date of a safari. 

For guests of hotels in the Marsa Alam area we do organize short excursions .


Camel Trekking


Mons Claudianus - Mons Porphyrites Jeep Safari

3 till 6 Day-'Rockart' Safari